Top 6 Ways to Earn Money Online


Are you looking for an online job? Do you want to earn money from home?; then you come to the right place. Here I am telling the best 6 ways to make money from home.
These 6 methods are free and have zero investment.

Top 6 Ways to earn money online

1. Earn from PTC sites

The PTC means Pay To Click sites so that you need to click and read advertisements for 10 to 30 seconds and get paid for each click. These sites are best if you want to earn less than 200$ (INR 12000). PTC sites are great to start your online money making. They are free and have no investment. You can find many PTC sites online.


2. Earn with GPT sites

If you need to make more money online, we recommend joining some GPT sites. In GPT sites you have to take small surveys, watching videos, playing games and other activities. You will get money in various ways such as Check,  PayPal or wire transfer.

3. Become a Captcha Solver

if you want to add some more extra income to your income you need to try captcha solving sites. Here you have to enter the correct captcha you seen on the screen. You need to be very fast to earn more. You can get up to $2 for every 1000 captcha solved.

4. Make Money from Survey

Another money making method is completing online surveys; Online surveys are the top paid online job. You can earn $1 to $20 depending on the length and country you are living. Most of the surveys require 5min to 30 minutes.

5. Adsense and other Ad networks

Adsense is the best choice for anyone who is looking to earn good money at home for long term. The primary requirement is you need a website with good traffic. If you have website or blog, you can apply for AdSense. If Adsense rejected your application no reason to worry there are many other ad networks from their you can earn money. With AdSense, you can earn from 200$ to $1000+ per month.

5. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

If you are ready to hard work and serious about making money online, you can try Affiliate marketing. There are many sites which provide affiliate marketing. You can earn money for an action such as signup, download or purchasing product. You will get a commission for that.
Top sites where you can earn money are Flipkart, Amazon,eBay, ClickBank, CJ, etc..

6. Become a freelancer

If you have some stuff, then you can join some freelance sites and provide users with some services, and you get paid for your service. This is another popular way of making money from Adsense.



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