Simple Home Remedies for Chapped lips


The skin on your lips in thinner and more delicate that other areas of your body. So it needs more care. Here are some simple home remedies for chapped lips.

Chapped Lips

Never lick or pick at your lips: Avoid the temptation to lick them when your lips are chapped. Also, avoid pick at them. This two habits just make the lips worse. You may get temporary relief by licking your lips, but as the saliva on your lips evaporates, it dries out your lips. Picking the skin on the lips may lead to an infection, bleeding or a cold sore. If you feel to lick or pick your lips, immediately use a lip balm. Also, reapply lip balm after drinking or rinsing out your mouth.


Apply Oils: Apply oils to your lips it will sooth and moisturise your lips, and also protecting them from further damage. Also, use natural moisturisers made from nut oils and seed butter. Use natural oils like Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Rosehip oil and cocoa or shea butter.

Chapped Lips

Apply Honey: Honey is a great moisturiser and it has antibacterial properties to treat chapped lips. Apply organic honey on your chapped lips several times a day.

Exfoliate Lips: Before applying ointments, remove the dead skin using an exfoliation method. Don’t rub the lips too harshly that may make things worse.
Apply salt or sugar on your lips and massage them in a circular motion. It will rub away the dead skin and your lips should feel soft and renewed.
Use a brush, the easiest brush to use in this case is your toothbrush.
And make sure it is clean. Rub the brush over your lips in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Chapped Lips
Don’t use a soap-based exfoliant it will dry out your lips.

Drink Plenty of Water: When your body is dehydrated, it often shows on your lips. So drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Consider Your Diet: Have lots of vegetables and fruits to get vitamins and minerals.

Try out these simple tips and keep your lips beautiful.



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