How to Make Money from Facebook in Easy Ways

It sounds awesome to make money from facebook in easy ways. We all are using facebook every day or even once in a week for posting, liking or sharing. Apart from these, you can also make money from facebook.

How to Make Money from Facebook in Easy Ways

How to Make Money from Facebook

1. First, you have to make a great facebook profile with your profile picture, cover photo and a proper about section. This facebook profile makes you more credible and speaks about your personality. When someone knows, likes and trusts you, you will get more acceptance and business.
2. You have to post great posts with good content to attract your fans. And also you have to post images, links and updates every day to engage your fans. Give it time, let your account build up interest over time by posting fresh and interesting contents every day. Always post publicly on facebook so others can see your posts and get in touch with you.
3. Find an affiliate marketing programme and post the link in your facebook profile, page and group. Start with well-known brands so you will get the profit soon. Amazon offers a good affiliate programme that pays up to 8% of any purchase a person makes after clicking through from your post.
4. You can make and sell your facebook pages. You will get more money if you have more likes. Also, you can make money through letting people advertise in your page after paying money.
5. Make a group with a particular topic. And add your friends and post images, updates or videos related to your topic every day. Then you will get more members in your group. Then you can allow people to advertise in your group after paying money.
6. Make more money by selling products. You can buy and sell products or you can make and sell products or you can select drop shipping. In drop shipping, you don’t need to stock the products the wholesaler or manufacturer will ship to the customer for you.
7. Use OFFER option on your facebook page to sell products. It is very easy to promote this offer with facebook paid ads. You can give attractive offers like 10%-20% discount or buy one get one free.
8. You can earn up to $50 per hour by becoming a freelance facebook marketer. You have the ability to create a facebook friendly content nad promote it well.
9. You can become a influencer for brands. If you get more likes and comments on your posts you can become an influencer. You will get money from the brand to promote them by your post.
10. Make money by becoming a facebook app developer. Or you can also develop an app independently.
11. Earn money by selling your old facebook accounts. Marketers are buying old facebook accounts for their promotional purpose as facebook gives more weightage to an old account. You can also sell facebook pages or groups like this.
You can suggest me more earning methods from facebook in the comments.


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