LG G6: Everything you want to know


The LG’s next super smartphone G6 will launch in coming weeks. LG send an invite dated February 26 at MWC.

LG G6: Everything you want to know

The LG G5 is the smartphone which praised for its dual camera. As a flagship device lack of OLED display, we feel a great disappointment and lower battery capacity. Here we are writing all the leaks and rumours so far we know.
LG G6 is expected to launch on 26.02.2017 at MWC. It is going for sale in the USA on April 7, March 10 for Korea and after few weeks it will available in other markets.


LG usually announces its flagship devices on Mobile World Congress (MWC). The invite letter shows caption “See More, Play More and it has an 18:9 ratio”, this hints the device will have a larger display like Samsung S8 leaks. The normal ratio is 16:9.


The LG G5 launched with an all new modular design; the battery can be easily swapped. But with LG G6 company decided to change the decision to go with the modular design with its newer flagship.  The LG G6 has unibody metal design. The rumours said that The back of the phone has high gloss metal design like we seen in iPhone jet black and a brushed metal design.

LG G6 back metal design
LG G6 back metal design

Another leaked image shows that the G6 has very slim bezels and a good screen to body ratio over its predecessor. The back panel is curved to give good in hand feel to the users. Another report suggests the LG G6 going to be the first smartphone from LG which is going to feature water proof.


LG G6 is rumoured to use OLED display, but latest reports suggest it will use the LCD with Quad HD resolution. The display of G6 having ultra wide 18:9 aspect ratio with 564ppi pixel density which offers an immersive experience to the users.Also, reports claim LG provides a more responsive touch experience.

LG G6 Front Photo Leaked
LG G6 Front Photo Leaked


The main attraction of LG G5 was its dual rear camera which has excellent picture quality. We expect the same camera with minor improvement over its predecessor.
On the front side, there are rumours about having iris scanner, but we don’t think it will come with G6.


The LG G6 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the top processor offered by Snapdragon. In memory segment, we expect to offer 4GbB Ram combined with 32GB internal memory with expandable memory card option.
The LG G5 have a 2800mAh battery we expect at least 3000mAh battery will provide for the G6.



The LG G6 will have Nougat out of the box, and Google Assistant supposed to come along with LG6.


Currently, the high-end smartphone market with Samsung and Apple. The LG G6 is a game changer in the high-end market. With bezel-less display, premium design, dual camera and Iris scanner, the LG G6 is a better device is every aspect.
If the display is OLED, the LG G6 will get more sales.

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