25 Beautiful and Easy Bridal Mehndi design Inspiration for you


Ladies adorn themselves with mehndi designs in hands and legs for every occasion like marriage, party, festivals or even wear them to the office.
Colouring hands and legs with henna paste or mehndi are popular in India, Arabian countries and Pakistan. There is a different type of hennas such as Black Henna, Red Henna, Stones and Glitter.
You can create the designs with traditional ones or you can use the variety of colours to decorate the designs.
Mehandi is a craze now in foreign countries also like UK, America, they wear mehndi as temporary tattoos.
There are lots of variety type designs, Punjabi designs are so unique and that they glorify the culture and heritage of Punjab. Punjabi designs are that tell a story.

Punjabi women would like to have it on hands and legs on all possible occasions like weddings, Baisakhi and Karva Chauth.
The most popular design is peacock design. Bridals always go for a peacock design.
Circular motifs are more beautiful, there is something about a neat circle that makes an impression.
Floral designs are ranked as one of the most popular design.
You can also create wonders with the help of lines and patterns and also make awesome designs by combined flowers, motifs, lines, peacocks and patterns so on, thus you can make unique designs by putting them all together.
The chequered pattern is a great way to fill up any gaps.


The bride and Groom design is a super choice for wedding designs. It symbolises love and joining of two souls.
You can also create very alluring patterns using creeper and leaves design. It is perfect for creating beautiful henna art.

You can also create a coloured pattern also it includes glitter and stones to make colourful henna art.
The Border design is an awesome choice for feet, it creates by outlines along the sides of your feet.

Arabic designs are bold and big.

Many easy and simple designs are available on this album. Use these henna art ideas for weddings and other occasions for reference.


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